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Brain Damage
(State College, PA, USA)
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Drive Power:electric
Weapon Power:none
Primary Weapon:KE Powered 4-bar launcher powered by kevlar coil
Secondary Weapon:terrifying vibration sound from off balance weapon
Strategy:Outcool the oposition by:
  1. Using a flywheel to power a 4-bar flipping mechanism.
  2. Maintain energy in the flywheel when firing does not hit the opponent
  3. Using an arduino and 700 lines of program code to sequence the firing mechanism, opposition sensor, and feedback LED strip
  4. Launching robots through the air
  5. Self righting like a boss
  6. Being stable through all of this

This robot has competed at the following event(s):
  • Bot Blast 2014 - 7/19/2014
  • Bot Blast 2013 - 7/20/2013
  • PA Bot Blast 2012 - 7/21/2012