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Robowars Nationals 2017
Presented By:  Robowars Australia
Location:  CBD, Brisbane QLD
Competition Dates: 8/19/2017 through 8/21/2017

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Registration Opens:  1/1/2017
Registration Closes:  8/10/2017
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Contact Information:
Web Site:
Organizer: Andrew K
Safety Coordinator: Steve M
Registration Coordinator: Steve M

Competition Description:
The Robowars Nationals 2017 is now in its 7th year. Will be held in Brisbane, QLD.

The main completion will be for 30lb Featherweight robots.. A maximum of TWO people will be allowed in the pits per robot. If you wish to have more these may be purchased.

There will also be a sportsman competition. This will be grudge matches, three way fights and exhibition matches taking place in between the featherweight competition.

Places are limited register now.

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