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Robot Rebellion 3.3 - Texas Cup III
Presented By:  Texas Robot Combat
Location:  Dallas, TX
Competition Date: 12/14/2019

60 Robots Registered

Registration Information:
Registration Opens:  3/20/2017
Registration Closes:  12/14/2019
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Contact Information:
Web Site: http://www.texasrobotcombat.com/
Organizer: Brady Davis
Safety Coordinator: Ian McMahon
Registration Coordinator: Mark Elam

Competition Description:
Itís time once again for premier robot combat action in what is the southwestís greatest robot combat event: the Texas Cup. As always, the question remains: will the champions last year maintain their crowns, or will a new machine be added to the winner rolls?

The place:
Greenville High School Robotics Arena
3515 Lionís Lair Rd
Greenville, TX 78042

There will be pit tables, chairs, and power strips available for all teams - no outside chairs or tables allowed. The arena is 6x6 feet - smaller than the previous one, but much more portable. The arena has 2 12x12in pits.

NOTE: Matches for this event will be 2 minutes in all weight classes.

This time around, the DARC Dogs are gone, replaced with a fully fledged concession are serving a variety of foodstuffs for visitors and competitors alike to enjoy.

The price:
$20 for Fairyweights/UK Antweights
$25 for Antweights
$30 for Beetleweights

$5 discount on all entry fees if you join TRC as a member.

The prize:
Custom trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all weight classes
Cash and electronic prizes from our sponsors
Acrylic pogs for every win

The time:
December 14, 2019 - this is a one day event.

Check-in proper will be from 9am to 11:30am. Fights will start at noon and continue until 6pm, but may end sooner or later depending on how long the event lasts.

The tournament:
Tournament structure depends on the number of participants. 5 or less robots in a weight class will fight in a round robin tournament. 6 or more robots will fight in a double elimination tournament.

For any additional information, please call (817)-675-8848, or email us at info@dallasarearobotcombat.com.
Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight $25.00 20
Combat Beetleweight $30.00 20
Combat Fairyweight $20.00 20

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