ROBOTICON Rumble 2023!

Presented By AMROC Fab Lab

Tampa, FL, US

October 21, 2023

Event Information

Organizer: AMROC Fab Lab
Location: 2154 University Mall
Tampa, FL 33612

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Starts: Oct 21, 2023
Ends: Oct 21, 2023

Event Organizers

Terri Willingham

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight 12 5 Robots 2 Robots 20.00 USD Unlimited
Combat 1 lb - Antweight 12 15 Robots None 20.00 USD Unlimited
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight 12 11 Robots 1 Robot 20.00 USD Unlimited

Event Description

Welcome to our 2nd Annual ROBOTICON Rumble!  Held as part of our long-running ROBOTICON STEM Showcase - now in its 11th season - ROBOTICON's Combat Robotics competition is a relatively new addition to our suite of K-12 robotics and drone competitions, and an increasingly popular event.  Here's the basics:

Event Info 

  • Classes: Fairy, Ant, Beetle
  • A pre-paid registration of $20 per bot is required, which goes towards prize money for the top winners in each class.  Once your bot is approved, teams will get a link to pay their fee.
  • Prize Purse: Cash prize as a split on registration fees divided between first/second/third place and vie for the Rusty Wrench Award - which may be an actual rust wrench or a laser cut version, but it'll be a wrench!  - given to the top bot in each category!
  • Pits: Each team will have a table and power.  Bring extension cords, power strips, lipo bags, and chairs, in addition to robots and gear.
  • Pre-Event email will have more detailed information about the event. 


  • Load-In and Safety Inspections:  9 am -10 am
  • Drivers Meeting :10:30 am
  • Must pass Safety by 11 am to generate brackets to start fights by noon
  • Lunch at 11 am
  • Fights start at noon and run continuously, with a minimum of 20 min. between matches

RulesSPARC Ruleset plus:

  • Exposed batteries are automatic forfeits
  • One postponement
  • One unstick per fight (if you become unintentionally stuck)
  • No entanglements
  • Tapouts allowed

Match Length:  2 minutes

Match format: In the interest of time, we will be doing Modified Double Elimination (single final fight)

The event will be livestreamed at

Event Results

Fairy Weight (150 gram)

  • 1st Place – Horseshoe Havoc
  • 2nd Place – Buckeye
  • 3rd Place – Archie’s Assassin

Ant Weight (1 lb)

  • 1st – Insomnia
  • 2nd – Jordan
  • 3rd – Beetlejuice

Beetle Weight (3 lb)

  • 1st – Peekaboo
  • 2nd- Rugaroo
  • 3rd – Havoc

RockStar Emcee Awards: Madman & Sergio Velazquez

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