Quad Con - St. Louis Comi Con - Robot Smash 2024

Presented By SEMO Combat Robotics

St Charles , MO, US

March 17, 2024

Event Information

Organizer: SEMO Combat Robotics
Location: 49 Lawrence St
St Charles, MO 63301

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Starts: Mar 17, 2024
Ends: Mar 17, 2024
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3440980329502608


Starts: Jan 12, 2024 14:01 UTC
Ends: Jan 12, 2024 14:01 UTC

Event Organizers

Michael Mueller

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 1 lb - Antweight 20 None None 0.00 USD Unlimited
Combat Plastic Ant 20 None None 0.00 USD Unlimited
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight 10 None None 0.00 USD Unlimited

Event Description


COMI CON in St. Charles Missouri (Near ST. Louis)

Quad Con Presents St Charles Comic and Toy Show - Special Presentation by SEMO Combat Robotics

Public hours: 10-4

Where: Steel Shop Event Center

49 Lawrence St  St Charles MO 63301

Date: March 17- SUNDAY ONLY

Hours for load in: 7am - 930am

All doors must be closed at 930am

Anyone arriving after will have to pay $5 entry at front entrance

Please bring any foldable tables if you have any. 

We would love any help to get the word out. 

Plastic antweight, Antweight, Beatleweight 

We will highly enforce all safety practices

Rules will follow MCRA

7:30 Doors and pits open.

8:30 Check in opens

9:00 Safety starts in the arena and the 4x4 test box

9:30 Check in closes, all builders should be in the building by now

10:00 Drivers meeting. All bots should be through safety. We will finalize brackets.

10:15 Fights begin.

Lunch -  when applicable 

4 pm end time - we have to be out of the building before 7pm


Any one that is willing to help tear down is greatly appreatated as we will  be goiing out for food after!!



We will follow the basic SPARC ruleset. Full ruleset will be updated soon. 

General Rules:

  • No heat, fire, smoke, entanglement, or other weapons that do not fit the spirit of the rules.
  • No weight bonuses for shufflers or other novel motion bots
  • Bots will have 20 minutes between fights for repairs. This 20 minutes is per bot not per competitor, so if you bring multiple bots you might use up repair time while fighting with the others. We will give one 10 minute extension to each bot. 
  • 1 unstick per bot. We cannot promise that you won’t get stuck on the arena so be careful with your forks
  • If your battery is exposed or outside your robot the fight will be ended immediately in a technical knock out (TKO)

Plastic antweight specific rules:

  • Approved materials are 3D printed PET, PETG, ABS, PLA, and PLA+. This means that sheet ABS or cnc machined parts are not legal. If you have questions about a specific material’s legality then please contact the EO.
  • We are implementing a blacklist for plastic antweights. The event winning bot in the plastic ant class will be banned from future events. The builder is welcome to come back with a new design though. This is to encourage wacky designs and trying new things and keep the plastic ant as a beginner and experimental league


  • Full Double elimination
  • 3 minute matches (2 minutes matches may be decided at the start if we have a abundance of bots)
  • Judging criteria will be 5-6-6 for aggression, control, and damage (Standard SPARC Criteria)

  Bracket links will be posted before the event but the matches will not be finalized until 11:30pm on the event date. 


  • Safety is the #1 priority for our events. 
  • All competitors will be required to wear eye protection in the pits and near the arenas. 
  • Batteries will be charged on a communal battery charging station and must be in a LIPO bag when charging. 
  • There will be a designated power tools area for drills, dremels, and soldering irons. Please remember to use proper PPE when using tools.



Teams must supply their own tables

Chairs are available.

Spectator bleachers available for viewing


Electric along walls - extension cords needed!

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