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Robot Riot Summer 2019
Presented By:  MakeMIA
Location:  Miami, FL
Competition Date: 8/3/2019

33 Robots Registered

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Registration Opens:  7/7/2019
Registration Closes:  7/28/2019
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Contact Information:
Web Site: www.makemia.com
Organizer: Andrea Suarez

Competition Description:

The Robot Riot Competition will be held on August 3, 2019 at Miami Coral Park in Miami, FL., hosted by Team Witch Doctor and Miami Maker Faire!

The one day event will be from 11am - 6 pm. Safety inspections and weight check will take place between 9-11am, so competitors should arrive no later than 10am. This event is open to 150gram, 1lb, and 3lb classes. Registration fee per robot is $20, paid onsite ($10 for Fairyweight 150gr). Teams MUST register via BuildersDB. Payments will be handled at the event.

The competition is open and free to spectators, so bring your family and friends to cheer you on as you fight your robot!

We will be competing in a 6x6 ft arena with a corner pit (not a drop out, robots may be able to drive out). Make sure to bring your robot, charger, controller, and any tools you need to repair your robot.

Junior Antweight class is for competitors with non-weaponized Fingertech Viper Kits ONLY. It will be a sumo-style competition where robots fight to push each other off a platform. (We have 12 competitors in this class that are not shown here. Don't be discouraged by low registration numbers here in this class!)

Please email info@makemia.com with any questions.

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Robot Category Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Combat Antweight $20.00 Unlimited
Combat Beetleweight $20.00 Unlimited
Combat Fairyweight Free Unlimited
Junior League (<18 yr old) Junior Antweight $10.00 Unlimited

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