About the Builders Database...

UI Productions is proud to announce the latest addition to the robotic community: The Builders Database. It is a comprehensive online database for robots, builders, and events. Many of you have seen the registration software recently used for NERC/LTRC, Southern Assault, and other events. The Builders Database takes that same software technology and combines it into one system that can be used any and every event.

The way it works:
Teams add their bots, builders, and contact info into the system. When they are ready to register for an event, they just pick the event, fill out a simple form, and they are registered! No longer will your team have to spend time registering for events, or keep track of organizations and events. This system even keeps track of your membership to each organization, and reminds you when your membership is about to expire. And best of all, the system is free to the public!

Organizations can have their events listed in the Events section, and setting up online registration for your event is a breeze. The system keeps track of event dates, location, contact info, registered bot counts, memberships, registration fees, and more!

Please use the menu on the left to find out more!

In Memory Of:

Julio Roqueta
Team Loki
8/14/1980 - 6/19/2005

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