150 g - Fairyweight --- Combat

Team Slaughterhouse - Spring, TX US

Robot Specs

Team Team Slaughterhouse
Class 150 g - Fairyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Flipper
Secondary Weapon Wedge
Radio Type 2.4 GHz
Strategy Throw them into the pit.

5 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Motorama 2018 Feb 18, 2018 Harrisburg, PA, US
Robot Rebellion 1.4 - The Texas Cup Dec 17, 2017 Richardson, TX, US
Battles at Houston Maker Faire Oct 22, 2017 Houston, TX, US
Robot Rebellion 1.3 Sep 17, 2017 Richardson, TX, US
Robot Rebellion 1.2 Jun 25, 2017 Richardson, TX, US

Team Members

Steve Spencer

Al Sanchez
David Brunet
Barbara McMahon
Glen McMahon
Ian McMahon

Glen McMahon

Barbara McMahon