12 lb - Hobbyweight --- Combat

Near Chaos Robotics - Marietta, GA US

Robot Specs

Team Near Chaos Robotics
Class 12 lb - Hobbyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Horns of unwanted and forceful intrusion
Radio Type 2.4 GHz
Strategy Do not offend the chairleg of Truth, it is both wise and terrible

4 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Motorama Feb 17, 2013 Harrisburg, PA, US
Motorama 2012 Feb 19, 2012 Harrisburg, PA, US
Motorama 2011 Feb 20, 2011 Harrisburg, PA, US
Wreck-The-Halls Dec 29, 2007 Greensboro, NC, US

Team Members

Julie Simancek
Joseph Griffin

David Jeffries

Deanna Ramsey
Robert Simancek
Diane Simancek
Erika Dowdle
Michael Jeffries
Blake Hooper
Brian Melani