Dizzy Dragon

12 lb - Hobbyweight --- Combat

Team Dragon Combat Robots - Carpinteria, CA US

Robot Specs

Team Team Dragon Combat Robots
Class 12 lb - Hobbyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon bar spinner
Secondary Weapon good looks
Radio Type 75.67 MHz
Strategy Screw all that dopey tech crap. Low tech is gonna trash 'em.

5 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Franklin Institute 2010 Oct 9, 2010 Philadelphia, PA, US
POP7 May 1, 2004 Concord, NH, US
Motorama 2004 Feb 22, 2004 Harrisburg, PA, US
House of NERC Oct 5, 2003 Germansville, PA, US
12 Lbs. of Pain Jun 15, 2003 Concord, NH, US

Team Members

John Pagano
Koreen Pagano
Vardan Olbrish

John Pagano

Clarisse Pagano

Elvis Pagano

Matthew Kellett

Cynthia Kellett

Ann Pagano

Zevon Pagano