Steel Shadow

30 lb - Featherweight --- Combat

Brain Damage - North Haven, CT US

Robot Specs

Team Brain Damage
Class 30 lb - Featherweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Spinning Shell
Radio Type Spread Spectrum
Strategy Use the shell and a fairly large air gap as sufficient armor to allow the robot to develop lots of KE. Transfer the KE without self-destruction. (The last part is the hardest)

4 Events Attended

Event Date Location
Motorama 2011 Feb 20, 2011 Harrisburg, PA, US
Franklin Institute 2010 Oct 9, 2010 Philadelphia, PA, US
Motorama 2010 Feb 21, 2010 Harrisburg, PA, US
Franklin Institute 2009 Oct 4, 2009 Philadelphia, PA, US

Team Members

Jon ODonnell

Katy ODonnell

Jasmine Caulfield
Zac ODonnell
Zac ODonnell
Zachary ODonnell

Jon ODonnell

David ODonnell