120 lb - Middleweight --- Combat

Robotic Death Company - Escondido, CA US

Robot Specs

Team Robotic Death Company
Class 120 lb - Middleweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Shell Spinner/Fork-Bot
Radio Type 75.69 MHz
Strategy To get under with fork-bot and destroy with spinner

1 Event Attended

Event Date Location
Steel Conflict 4 Aug 17, 2003 Los Angeles, CA, US

Team Members

John Mladenik

Carl Lewis

Sean Maschue

Maria Mladenik

Monica Mladenik

Melissa Mladenik

Elizabeth Mladenik

Mike Rogers
Carda "Molly" Clawson
Dan Clawson

John Hoffman

John Neilson

Christine Neilson
Tom Hodo
Debbi Hedge
Stephen Roth
Dave Schultz
Terry Kolody
Steven Vitulli