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Scary Scary Ants

Presented By Ipswich Robotics Sports Group

Blackstone, QLD , AU

September 3, 2022

Event Information

Organizer: Ipswich Robotics Sports Group
Location: 7 Mary St
Blackstone, QLD 4304

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Starts: Sep 3, 2022
Ends: Sep 3, 2022


Starts: Aug 8, 2022 00:08 UTC
Ends: Sep 2, 2022 00:09 UTC

Event Organizers

Jules Pitts

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Competition Name Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight 150g Destructive Unlimited None 0.00 AUD Unlimited
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight 150g Non-Destructive Unlimited None 0.00 AUD Unlimited

Event Description

Ipswich Robotics Sports Group Ant battle in September,  Ipswich Qld Australia 

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Scary Scary Ants (This Event) Sep 3, 2022 Blackstone, QLD , AU
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