Georgia Spring Smash 2.0

Athens, GA, US

March 24, 2024

Event Information

Organizer: Georgia Spring Smash 2.0
Location: 831 S Lumpkin St
Athens, GA 30605

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Starts: Mar 24, 2024
Ends: Mar 24, 2024


Starts: Jan 10, 2024 00:01 UTC
Ends: Mar 24, 2024 00:03 UTC

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 1 lb - Antweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat Plastic Ant Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight Unlimited None None Unlimited

Event Description

The Georgia Spring Smash is an event for Beetleweight, Antweight, and Plastic Antweight bots located at UGA in Athens Georgia, hosted by the UGA Robotics Club!  We are hosting at the Grand Hall in the Tate Student Center on March 24, 2024. 



Check-ins will start at 9AM, tournament will start at 10:30.

Team pits will be located on the right side of the Grand Hall.  Tables and chairs will be available, but no tools, and limited power outlets, so bring extensions, power strips, etc.

Our tournament will be a standard double elimination bracket for all three weight classes.

Matches are 2 minutes 30 seconds long, judged using the SPARC ruleset.

1 unstick per robot



Registration is $10, paid in cash on the day of the event.



There will be 2 arenas, 1 for the beetleweight bots and 1 for the antweight bots.

The beetleweight arena is an 8'x8' arena with smoke suppression, wood floors, and no pits or hazards.

The antweight arena is a 4'x4' arena with smoke suppression, wood floors, and no pits or hazards.


Robot Specifications

We require bots to use the SPARC requirements.  We will not be requiring a powered on light, but would like the power-on sequence to be rather quick.  We will not measure rpms for weapons, but do need spin down times to be under a minute. 

We do not allow flamethrowers for this event, due to administration concerns.

We are going to allow at least 20 minutes between each event for bots to repair, since the fights will get closer together as the tournament goes on.  If more time is needed, please work with out volunteers to allow for this, but if your team takes too long or takes too many delays, you may be forced to forfeit a match.



9:00 AM -  Check-ins and registration

10:30 AM -  Matches Start

12:00 PM -  Lunch Intermission

1:00 PM -  Matches resume

3:00 PM -  Second intermission

3:30 PM -  Final Matches

6:00 PM -  Trophy Presentation


Stream for the event is located here:

More information will be posted soon!

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