PA Bot Blast 2011

Presented By Dreadfully Wicked Robots

Bloomsburg, PA, US

July 16, 2011

Event Information

Organizer: Dreadfully Wicked Robots
Location: Bloomsburg, PA US
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Starts: Jul 16, 2011
Ends: Jul 16, 2011

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight 16 6 Robots None 15.00 USD 10 Per Robot
Combat 1 lb - Antweight 32 7 Robots None 20.00 USD 10 Per Robot
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight 24 10 Robots None 25.00 USD 10 Per Robot
Combat 6 lb - Mantis 24 5 Robots None 25.00 USD 10 Per Robot

Event Description

150g through 6 lb combat event, held at the Columbia Mall in Bloomsburg, PA. We will be located in the center gazebo of the mall. NEW this year is the 6 pound mantisweight division, which will feature special prizes and drawings for all who enter a Mantis robot.

Trophies, plaques, and great prizes (Sponsored by SEARS) for the top 3 in each class, including the "Golden Starting Lights" trophy to each class champion! Plus special awards for Best Engineered, Coolest Robot, Best Driver, Most Destructive Robot, and a Long Distance Award for the team that traveled the furthest to attend the Bot Blast. Prizes will also be awarded to the official Rumble winners in each class.

The Columbia Mall is just off Interstate-80 Exit 232 (Buckhorn/Bloomsburg Exit) in Bloomsburg PA. The address is 225 Columbia Mall Drive, Bloomsburg PA 17815.

8:00am: check-in/safety begins
10:30am: drivers meeting
11:00am: matches begin
Should be finished by 7pm
Awards immediately after final match

$15 per fairyweight (150g), $20 per antweight (1lb), $25 per beetleweight (3lb) and $25 per mantisweight (6lb). Fees will be collected at the event during check-in. Please do not send payment before the event.

ALL competitors and crew members who enter the pit area must sign the release of liability. You may print it and bring it with you to the event, or sign one at the event when you arrive at check-in. ALL competitors or crew members under age 18 MUST also have the waiver signed by their parent or guardian.
The release of liability can downloaded here:

Complete Tournament Information can be found at our website:

Get Ready to Have a BLAST!

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