Kilobots - 2019 Canadian National Championships

Presented By Kilobots Combat Robot Events

SK, , CA

August 10 - August 11, 2019

Event Information

Organizer: Kilobots Combat Robot Events
Location: 38XC+HF Saskatoon

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Starts: Aug 10, 2019
Ends: Aug 11, 2019

Robot Classes / Competitions

Category Robot Class Maximum
Pit Crew
Combat 150 g - Fairyweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 1 lb - Antweight Unlimited None None Unlimited
Combat 3 lb - Beetleweight Unlimited None None Unlimited

Event Description

This will be the 43rd Kilobots Tournament hosted by the SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) and takes place at the The Saskatoon Ex August 10-11, 2019.

Test your mettle (and metal!) against the best 150g, 1lb and 3lb robots in Canada and see if you can get your name engraved on the Kilobots Cups!

Over 200,000 people will be in attendance this year, plus the full event will be televised AND we will be editing the event and releasing weekly episodes on!


Venue: The Saskatoon Ex

The sounds of rides whizzing by on tracks, hot tarmac, beloved entertainers at the grand stand, the taste of carnival food, and fireworks EVERY night of the week – it’s all part of the recipe for a perfect week at the Saskatoon Ex! 200,000+ guests take in the sights and sounds of both the outdoor carnival and the indoor trade halls and exhibits.

The Ex is a week-long carnival and Kilobots will be doing live demos with attendees Aug 6-9.  The Canadian Nationals tournament is Aug 10-11 only.



Registration closes July 20th, three weeks prior to the event.  Make sure to check out the SCRC "house rules" here:

Like our Facebook Page for official notifications:

Builders can join our Facebook Group:

Mark yourself as Attending on our Facebook event:

Registration includes 1 weekend pass to the Saskatoon Ex.  ALL team members will need passes to get in.  If you have more than 1 member, contact us.

We can supply discounted Parking Passes for $4.50/day.  Contact us before registration closes if you will need them.


Are there Prizes?

Yes!! Kilobots awards the top placing teams BUT ALSO there are many other awards, such as: Best Design, Most Entertaining, Most Destroyed, and the (what's the opposite of "coveted") Angle Grinder of Doom award for the robot that falls apart the most and keeps coming back for more! 

Along with trophies, last year's prize purse totaled over $2000!  Thanks to Big Blue Saw, BotBitz, Robot MarketPlace, Pololu Robotics and Electronics, SERVO Magazine, ServoCity, and FingerTech Robotics.


Post-Event Adventure

For a few years now we've had a little tradition of taking a post-Nationals adventure with our international guests. This year we are going back to scenic Banff AB, then to beautiful Lake Louis, then onward to Golden BC for some white-water rafting. Everyone is welcome!

Here is a video from our rafting company of rafting the Kicking Horse river:

We plan to raft all three sections of the river: The Upper Canyon to ease people into rafting, the Middle Canyon which is the long fun stretch (mostly class 2 and 3 whitewater with a 1km stretch of class 4), and the Lower Canyon (if available) with a 4km stretch of continuous class 4 whitewater!  Should be around $159CAD per person.  (We are not planning to take the helicopter tour.)

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