12 lb - Hobbyweight --- Combat

Team Slackers United - Somewhere??, NJ US

Robot Specs

Team Team Slackers United
Class 12 lb - Hobbyweight
Category Combat
Primary Weapon Big bar with big motor
Secondary Weapon A roundhouse kick
Radio Type 75.87 MHz
Strategy 1. Spin up 2. Hit the other guy so that both bots fly across the arena 3. Hope that Sparx still works. 4. Repeat

3 Events Attended

Event Date Location
House of Slackers Sep 2, 2006 Glen Rock, NJ, US
RoboGames 2006 Jun 18, 2006 San Francisco, CA, US
Motorama 2006 Feb 19, 2006 Harrisburg, PA, US

Team Members

Dave Kafrouni

Vadim Chernyak
Simon Stam
Ray Barsa
Sean Lyttle
George Hotz
Sabrina Varanelli